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Pricing is project based.

For the most part weddings cakes are based per serving.  Per serving cost is $3.95.

Filling charges are $10 per layer, per filling

Rolled fondant is an additional cost of $150.00 per cake, above the cost of the wedding cake.

Rolled fondant is a pliable icing.  It is very sweet and creates a matte like finish.  Alot of bakers like to use this when they make your cake ahead of time.  It helps seal in the cake.

This finish is also achieveable with buttercream.  Since we bake and create your cake with 24 hours of your wedding, fondant just for esthetics.  

Other ESTIMATED cake prices are:

Sheet cake:
13x9      $25.00     filled $30.00   feeds 15
11x15    $35.00     filled $40.00   feeds 25
12x18    $60.00     filled $65.00   feeds 40

Sheet cake prices for sizes larger than 40 servings are between $1.50 a serving to $2.00 a serving.

Double layer cakes:
8in cake     $25.00    filled   $30.00  feeds 12
10in cake   $30.00    filled   $35.00  feeds 25
12in cake   $70.00    filled   $75.00  feeds 35
14in cake   $90.00    filled   $95.00  feeds 45

Double (or more) layer cake prices for sizes larger than 45 servings are between $2.00 a serving to $3.00 a serving

Cupcakes are $3.00 each, minimum order of 20 cupcakes

Cake shapes are round, square, rectangle, octogon, oval, heart, and scallop.
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