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Andrea made her first pretty cake in 8th grade.  She took it to school and shared it with her classmates.  A passion was born....

Andrea baked cakes all through high school, all through college, and during her full time employment.

When Andrea had her first child, Airen, she decided to stay home and raise her son.  She would bake cakes for friends and family.  One summer she started baking cookies for Shakespeare and Co.  20,000 to be exact.

The fall of 1995 Andrea was pregnant with her daughter Tori, and decided it was time to make this job official.  Andrea and her husband, Kevin, built a fully licensed, commercial kitchen in their home.  This kitchen is inspected and licensed through the Tri-town Board of Health.

This license allows Andrea to advertise and operate with in official specs.  Of course she quickly realize she did not need to advertise at all.  All of her business is word of mouth.  

One of Andrea's absolute worst traits is ability to return phone calls.  She receives the calls, listens to them, most of the time, answers them in her head...but sometimes does not get back to people quickly.  Then if she waits too long, she worries it is too late to call back.

So always call again, definitely email, it gets to her quickly.  It is worth the wait.

In October 2008 Andrea decided to dabble in her other passion, Accounting and working with numbers.  With her kids 16 and 13 is made sense to try something else during the day.  
Andrea works full time as the Business Office Accountant/Senior Accounting Coordinator at the Berkshire Hills Regional School District.  

This fills her day, and baking fills her nights and weekends.  Its perfect.

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